Based simultaneously in Brazil and in the United Kingdom, Escape Into creates harmonious and melodic electronic music, inspired by Video Game Music, Metal/Rock and Psychedelic sounds.


Writing, Arrangements and Production / Dan Flict
Writing, Arrangements and Production / Werther Azevedo




After a three year hiatus Escape Into is back with their most adventurous release yet.

Without the pressures of having to conform to a particular genre, what emerged is a blend of freestyle electronic music with strong Rock influences: they call it Trip-Rock. 

The melodies are more complex and refined than before, while the tracks twist and turn unpredictably. Their use of analogue synthesisers shines through the complex arrangements bringing an organic warmth to the whole journey. A very original trip through extraordinary and harmonious soundscapes. 

Produced with care and focus on details, it rewards repeated listens.



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